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Jobless Kat

So it’s official, I no longer have a job. It will be a difficult time to find something new, so if in the meantime you would like  to make any donations please feel free :)

We accept cash, cheques and beer vouchers :P

Cheers friends and family!

The truth about your supermarket loaf

The truth about your supermarket loaf –

When reading this article I realised that I had never even considered whether the flour  used in supermarket bread was fresh. I was well aware that most supermarket bread is prepared off-site and then baked off in the “instore bakery”. What I never considered was that the flour they used to make this bread was also previously frozen. No wonder the “fresh” supermarket bread is so tasteless and bland. I wonder what they will be made to add to the label? Whatever it is I bet they find a way around that too.

One of the things I miss the most about living in Paris are the boulangeries (OK i’ll  admit it, the patisseries too!). They are on almost every street corner and you will struggle to find one that serves bad bread – especially if you are comparing it to Tesco bread. Obviously the price difference is huge too.

When I read the article above and was delighted to hear about the Real Bread Campaign, but upon further investigation annoyed that it is only in Britain. When will people in Dublin start to appreciate real bread?

Bit of friendly advice, Portugal –

Bit of friendly advice, Portugal – Analysis, Opinion –

Good article, except for the bit about golf.

Football, All Day, Every Day

I am probably a bit late with this, but I think it sums up Sky Sports perfectly.

No Phone – Update

I have an update to my phone problem. I contacted the supplier to find out what I can do to get it repair or replaced.

He was very surprised to hear that I was having problems,  and started to tell me the story of the only other person who had bought a Galaxy S from them to have a problem. What he didn’t realise that he was telling me a story about myself!! The first phone I got wouldn’t switch on/off so I had to get it replaced.

It seems that I am either very unlucky or someone at Samsung has it in for me!!

Further Update

I am now without a phone altogether. Well to be more precise I am now without a smartphone for up to the next 15 days! No mobile internet access, no Facebook, Twitter,  no Manchester United news feed! I have an old Nokia, but what am I going to do with that? Talk to people!!

Fabio Capello seeks new England captain

Fabio Capello seeks new England captain for Ghana friendly | Football |

So Capello appoints a permanent captain, for 1 game only. Hardly seems that it was worth all the hassle!!

Sunny Sunday Pictures

New photos updated on the Lily & Ireland pages.

It was a miserable and gloomy morning, but the sun decided to come out this afternoon!!

Lily Discovers Barbecued Chicken

Just had a nice BBQ, Lily was a very big fan!!


Where do astronauts meet after a long trip in space?

At the Space Bar, of course!

No Phone

So I have had my new phone for around a month and a bit now, and it is broken. Again!

This morning I woke up to find that my phone had run out of battery, so I put it on to charge. When I came back, it was happily charging away, but just won’t switch on!!

Nothing that has been suggested on-line has worked so it looks like I will have to send it back. I’m not having much luck with this phone, I had to return the original after just 1 day because it wouldn’t switch on, now it has happened again.


Lily’s Birthday

So Lily is now 1 year old! The past year has gone so quickly.

We have updated the site with pictures and a video, but here is my favourite of the day