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Animals ?? Who are they…


Airfield Farm is one of those places where you teach your child what a cow and a chicken looks like…it is even better when you get there for free ;)

No More Getting Your Dongle Out…

Hilarious…just what the internet is for!!

Summer weather

It’s the 26th of May and the heating is on in the house. Woolly socks and blanket and 2 furry cats on the sides…I am still cold…

The Ring ;)

Peter proposed with this little sparkle…the lobster is just for fun though; he did actually get on his knee :P

Liz Windsor’s Visit to Ireland – Commemorative Stamp…

It was reported on the news in early April and was widely thought to be a joke, but I have managed to get hold of the stamps commemorating Liz’s visit to Ireland this May as part of the “Month of Welcomes”. I for one can’t wait to see the Obama stamps!!

Motivational Video – Champions League Final

Charlie’s Birthday Weekend

Lots of new photos in the England section. We spent a delightful, if a little tired weekend over on the other side of the Irish Sea to celebrate the 4th birthday of my nephew. Finally found the time to upload a few pictures and will have a video or two uploaded soon.










Disney Royal Wedding

I liked a funny image on Facebook earlier to do with the royal wedding (see below) where Disney styled not the bride and groom, but also some of the guests.

Isn’t that just a perfect image of Beatrice and Eugenie. Well if you don’t think so, it seems that most of Facebook disagree with you. Unfortunately we have all been sold a lie. The internet has the answer for everything, and unfortunately this time it also has screenshots of the original 50′s movie.

Why couldn’t the internet just let me enjoy the moment. Anyway, as I have lowered myself to mention the royal wedding, even if I didn’t mention Pippa’s arse (!!) I thought you might enjoy this picture….which has also gone viral.

Dublin Time Lapse Video

I found this fantastic time lapse video of Dublin. It is great quality. I must work out how to do this now. He even managed to make Dublin look clean!

Dublin Time Lapse 2011 from Richard Twomey .

French Riot Police on Strike…

Last month I wrote about the French Riot Police (CRS) threatening to strike because they were no longer allowed to drink on duty, today I read that 44 members of the CRS  in Massy are on strike, well sick leave as striking is illegal, due to one of their colleagues being disciplined. Normally I might offer moral support, but in this case I can’t quite believe that the CRS officer in question said what he did.

The alleged racist b*stard stopped a black TF1 reporter from accessing a press conference saying ” Since when have they had blacks working at TF1?” What’s next for them….

There must be something seriously wrong with me…

I succumbed yesterday to buying a Euromillions lottery ticket, well after all the jackpot was a guaranteed €100,000,000, and as the ad says, it could be me!

The draw was held last night and the ticket stayed firmly in my wallet. I woke up this morning, went about the normal business of getting ready for work, the ticket was still in my wallet. On the commute I didn’t open my wallet at all and it was still tucked away in my bag when I sat down at my desk and began the days work. Luckily I just had the eureka moment when I remembered the surely winning  ticket was sat just inches from my hands. But of course, the Internet squashed my dreams again.

This is not a winning ticket in the current draw!

To make matters worse (or better, I’m not sure) no one else in the whole continent won the €100,000,000 either, so I will probably end up buying another ticket next time. Unless anyone has any sure fire tips of the horses ;)

What is the perfect drink after a hard workout session…

Imagine the scene, you have just spent the past hour in the gym, pumping iron. Or maybe a punishing session on the bike or rowing machine. You are thirsty and need to rehydrate. What is your drink of choice?

If you are thinking about Lucozade Sport, or Powerade or even Gatorade you would be wrong and pobably have no idea how wrong you are. What you should be reaching for after a hard workout is BEER!!! Yes you heard me right – Beer.









Now comes the science bit (from the Erdinger website):

With its isotonic effect, ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic is particularly well suited to regenerating the body after sport, as it quickly replaces the liquids and minerals the body has lost.

How brilliant is that. They even give it out at the finish lines of triathlons in Germany. Luckily for you and me though, it is available to buy in the pub, and if the alkohol frei version is so good for you, imagine how good the “full fat” version is, or maybe even a nice stout. There supposed to be good for you too aren’t they!!

Feck off rain…


In what other country could you get away with an advert like this?

And yes, before you ask it is raining this morning!

I am number 4

We watched this film tonight after two recommendations from colleagues. One said it was a brilliant film, the other called it average. All I can say is…Justin, if that was brilliant, you need to get to the cinema more often!!

How to make choosing a book easier…

I found this brilliant blog to make life easier when trying to select which book to read. Have you ever had the problem of arriving  in a book shop and looking around for something interesting to read, only to glance at the titles of books and wonder what it is about. Dan Wilbur has the answer, no longer will you need to spend any time at all reading the cover sheets or trawling through book reviews. Instead his blog includes new covers and titles to allow you to make your choice in seconds.


Just noticed this hilarious entry for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If you don’t get the reference and are looking at this from a work PC, I wouldn’t Google the title of this one!!


Lily goes mountain walking…

Lily went mountain walking today, well some of the locals call it mountain walking, but she thought it was a gentle stroll in the hills.

Updated pictures at the end of the Lily Out & About and Ireland albums:

Cats always land on all fours…

Pepper fell of the top of the stairs yesterday hitting the banister on her way. Everyone got a big fright but after inspection no ribs were broken. She probably used one of her 9 lives…