Have you ever lost your loose change?

I found this cool stop motion animation on Vimeo. It doesn’t explain where all of the coins run to though!

Coin from Olly Newport.

Age of Heroes..

I watched Age of Heroes this evening, and whilst I did enjoy it, I found my attention wandering. The end of the film just happened without me even realising that we had reached the climax and the characters seemed to lack in depth those of other recent Second World War films like Inglorious Basterds. Actually hang on here, I sound like I am actually critiquing the film, I promise I am not!

My main reason for blogging about the film was that I couldn’t believe how well Sean Bean can do a Joker’s smile. If they don’t find a replacement for Heath Ledger, they should consider Sean!

Anyway, as I started to critique the film, maybe I should stick my historical nose in too. I was under the impression that this story was actually Operation Biting and took place in sunny France not snowy Norway.

And finally as the film is notionally about Flemming, I did enjoy the accent of the sergeant.  Shame I didn’t notice any other Bond references….did you?

I am number 4

We watched this film tonight after two recommendations from colleagues. One said it was a brilliant film, the other called it average. All I can say is…Justin, if that was brilliant, you need to get to the cinema more often!!