Old Wesley vs Old Belvedere…


Old Wesley 40 (23), Old Belvedere 24 (14)

A sunny day in Donnybrook saw an eventful and enjoyable game between old adversaries, that was unfortunately littered with cynical play and schoolboy handling errors. Belvedere started with a quick try, much to the chagrin of some Wesley supporters who complained of handling on the floor. Belvedere lead for another 20 minutes, but from that point never looked like walking away victorious.

Welsey didn’t run away with play though, with marginally fewer handling errors ¬†they managed to boss play by being stronger on the breakdown and taking crucial advantage of some regrettable handling errors at just the right point of the game. Some late scores against a tired Belvedere team sealed an emphatic win.

Belvedere could have done better, they had a chance to go in to the second half 20 vs 17, but instead of electing to kick for goal, they naively tried to run in a try against a determined defence. Who got the better of them and turned over play, only for a penalty at the other end meaning the half time score was 23 vs 14. The Belvedere bench took control of kicking decisions during the second half, but a couple of missed penalties allowed a determined Wesley side to spend the last quarter of the match in the Belvedere 22 and finish convincingly 40 vs 24.