New iPhone – click it, lick it…


As everyone knows by now Apple have brought out 2 new phones this week. Every time they bring a new phone out, someone hits the street with a camera and the old model to fool unsuspecting (stupid) passers by into believing they are getting a first look at the new phone, for example here’s the same post here this time last year.


So this video is almost not worth posting, except that instead of demonstrating a phone, they use an iPad mini and for one particularly “delicious” moment 2:30 seconds in. Derren Brown would be impressed with this girls suggestibility.



Introducing the new iPhone…

Welcome to 3.1…

If you read my earlier post with links to Lily’s Spring Break photos, you will remember that it is raining in Dublin and as I have no interest in joining the rest of the city out shopping (who has the money!) I have spent a few hours working on

It came to my attention that there are people out there who are so far entrenched in the cult of Apple that they don’t have flash installed on their computers, or worst still use an iPad!! This meant that they had no way of looking at the thousands of photos of Lily and other stuff in our galleries.

Sufficed to say once this came to my attention I rushed to do nothing at all about it, but as I had a few hours spare I have now updated the gallery code to allow universal playback on mobile and other devices that don’t have flash installed. I’ve also changed the layout a little to take advantage of extra space on your screens.

My quality control consisted on Lily clicking on a few links and then insisting on playing Lego Games, so if you see any problems, please let me know.


Dublin Time Lapse Video

I found this fantastic time lapse video of Dublin. It is great quality. I must work out how to do this now. He even managed to make Dublin look clean!

Dublin Time Lapse 2011 from Richard Twomey .

iPhone users location tracked by Big Brother

I can’t think of a reason why I would want to track the movements of people at work, but it looks like Apple have made it very easy to do if I wanted to.

I bet the internet will be full of fanboys from both Apple and Android all day long  now!