Christmas has reached the Greer House…

Polar Bear Baby

Well it might still be November, but as Emily is struggling with an ear and throat infection, we thought decorations might help…

Someone’s teething…


Lily’s 1st day at school…

Lily had her first day at school last week. No uniform, so she chose a pink ensemble – surprise surprise!


Stuffed panda back…

I had a shower at home for the first time in a while today, it feels great to smell of soap for once!

However, we did have to change the surgery dressings. It’s the first time i’ve seen my back since they took the staples out, and it looks like a panda with a zip up the middle. Kat took a photo…

Big Sister…

Big Sister


Little Sister


Sisters Together

Bienvenue Emily Greer…

Kat, Lily and I would like to welcome the newest addition to our family, Emily Greer, who arrived fashionably late this morning. Emily is a healthy 3.79kg, arrived at 9:32 this morning and i’m not ashamed to say managed to bring a tear to my eye when I first met her.

Emily Greer

I have to say a massive well done to Kat for all the hard work and pain over the past few days and months, to get Emily into my arms this morning. I was truly humbled watching her work through both the pain and tiredness barriers with absolutely no complaints at all. Kat – I love you with all my heart. Thank you for two beautiful daughters!!



Lily’s Sand Kingdom


What would you like to buy….

What would you like to buy...

Lily got a nice surprise for her 3rd (I know!) birthday this morning. She enjoys playing shopkeeper so much, that we bought her a shop of her own:


What would you like to buy…

What would you like to buy...

Lily got a nice surprise for her 3rd (I know!) birthday this morning. She enjoys playing shopkeeper so much, that we bought her a shop of her own:

Little Sister says hi…

It’s been confirmed. Lily’s Little Sister takes after her father and doesn’t like having a camera stuck in her face either:


Lily’s First Ballet Class…


Lily went to her first ballet class with Angelina Ballerina today:


Christmas Office Decorations…

That's a Bit More Like It

I tasked our grad a job of championing the office decorations this christmas. He was given a simple brief; Gingerbread House.

I went as far as to sketch out some ideas and talk him through the concept before handing over some petty cash. I arrived in the office today to find this:

Not My Idea of a Gingerbread House


Now you can call me whatever you think is fair, but I didn’t think it resembled a gingerbread house. So I made him start again:


That's a Bit More Like It

What do you think. Is it better? Now all I have to do is to get him to make the snowy mountain actually look like a mountain!

Doctor in the house….

Lily has decided she wants to be a Doctor, so we have fitted her out with a full outfit and Doctor’s kit (and yes I know it’s a nurses outfit):

Hair Raising…

Lily goes to work on a Sunday…

Lily disappeared for a few minutes, Kat found her downstairs, shoes on, keys in hand, ready to go to work/school. Very cute!!


Kat takes a dip…

We went to race my speedboat this afternoon. And no, before you ask we didn’t win the lotter, it’s my remote control speedboat.

The problem is it ran into mechanical difficulties right in the middle of the canal. The wind was trying to blow it away, so Kat dived in to save the day! My Hero!!

Aqua Spheres…

So as you will have noticed, summer has landed.

We cycled over to Corkagh Park yesterday to take advantage of the sunshine and get Lily (and me) tired. The Outdoor Discovery company were running Zorbing and Aqua Spheres in one corner of the park. Neither Kat nor I fancied it, but Lily was dying to give it a go.


it’s summer in Ireland!

364 days and counting…

21 again


The day after your birthday as a child was always a day of mixed emotions – sadness that there is almost an entire year until it was going to come round again, happiness that you still have some new toys to play with and joy that there is still some cake in the fridge! Not forgetting the fact that you were one year older and closer to being able to do all the things that people said you couldn’t do as a child – driving, drinking and whatever other fun stuff adults kept to themselves!

As an adult it’s a little  different. No new toys, driving is a chore rather than a pleasure not to mention finding out that the other fun stuff isn’t actually fun – paying mortgages and taxes. Not to mention that birthday drinking just leads to a hangover the next day that no amount of cake eating can get rid of.

Luckily this year circumstances have conspired to make it a birthday week! Hangover intolerance means that birthday celebrations were cleverly moved by Kat to this coming weekend, and UPS failed to deliver my shiny new toys – whatever they are – and say they won’t be here until next week. Meaning that by the time they do arrive i’ll have had a weeks worth of birthdays and there will only be around 357 days till the next one.

Now if only I could sort out the getting older business and manage to persuade Lily that it isn’t her birthday (again!) and that the cake in the fridge is Daddies and not hers!!

Lily the little baby…

Lily wasn’t feeling too well today so stayed at home from school, well who likes Mondays anyway. She decided that she was going to be a little baby again and make some use of her old moses basket.

What’s in a name…

We are teaching Lily peoples names, which she seems to enjoy, but of course being Lily she decides to rename anything and anyone at will. For example:

Lily Helen Greer – Lily Hello Gorilla

Pepper (our black cat) – Guzik (Teresa’s black cat)

Teresa (Kat’s mum) – Telesa

Auntie Jennifer – Auntie Jenniflower

Lily also likes to talk to Teresa on the phone. So when she finds one of our phones, picks it up and starts to talk to Teresa. We were in the library this morning, Lily snuck behind the counter, picked up the phone and said “Hello Babcia (grandmother)”. It made everyone laugh except for Kat who had to go and collect her!

She has also picked up some naughty words from her mother (!!!) her favourite is Fuck off Peter, downstairs! She’s also quite keen on Come on daddy, fuck off Peter, downstairs! There is obviously something wrong with me as I always laugh at it, and feel wierdly proud of my potty mouthed daughter!





Welcome to KatandPeter.com 3.1…

If you read my earlier post with links to Lily’s Spring Break photos, you will remember that it is raining in Dublin and as I have no interest in joining the rest of the city out shopping (who has the money!) I have spent a few hours working on katandpeter.com.

It came to my attention that there are people out there who are so far entrenched in the cult of Apple that they don’t have flash installed on their computers, or worst still use an iPad!! This meant that they had no way of looking at the thousands of photos of Lily and other stuff in our galleries.

Sufficed to say once this came to my attention I rushed to do nothing at all about it, but as I had a few hours spare I have now updated the gallery code to allow universal playback on mobile and other devices that don’t have flash installed. I’ve also changed the layout a little to take advantage of extra space on your screens.

My quality control consisted on Lily clicking on a few links and then insisting on playing Lego Games, so if you see any problems, please let me know.


Lily’s Spring Break Photos…

It’s the long Easter weekend in Dublin, which of course means it is currently raining – a lot! So I found a little time on my hands to upload photos from Lily’s Spring Break.

Pictures like these can be found here, for those interested:


Lily learns to drive…

Lily is certainly growing up fast. She had her first driving lesson at the weekend, although it’ll be a while before she can reach the pedals!