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What is the perfect drink after a hard workout session…

Imagine the scene, you have just spent the past hour in the gym, pumping iron. Or maybe a punishing session on the bike or rowing machine. You are thirsty and need to rehydrate. What is your drink of choice?

If you are thinking about Lucozade Sport, or Powerade or even Gatorade you would be wrong and pobably have no idea how wrong you are. What you should be reaching for after a hard workout is BEER!!! Yes you heard me right – Beer.









Now comes the science bit (from the Erdinger website):

With its isotonic effect, ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic is particularly well suited to regenerating the body after sport, as it quickly replaces the liquids and minerals the body has lost.

How brilliant is that. They even give it out at the finish lines of triathlons in Germany. Luckily for you and me though, it is available to buy in the pub, and if the alkohol frei version is so good for you, imagine how good the “full fat” version is, or maybe even a nice stout. There supposed to be good for you too aren’t they!!