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Dublin Time Lapse Video

I found this fantastic time lapse video of Dublin. It is great quality. I must work out how to do this now. He even managed to make Dublin look clean!

Dublin Time Lapse 2011 from Richard Twomey .

Feck off rain…


In what other country could you get away with an advert like this?

And yes, before you ask it is raining this morning!

Lily goes mountain walking…

Lily went mountain walking today, well some of the locals call it mountain walking, but she thought it was a gentle stroll in the hills.

Updated pictures at the end of the Lily Out & About and Ireland albums:

The truth about your supermarket loaf

The truth about your supermarket loaf –

When reading this article I realised that I had never even considered whether the flour ¬†used in supermarket bread was fresh. I was well aware that most supermarket bread is prepared off-site and then baked off in the “instore bakery”. What I never considered was that the flour they used to make this bread was also previously frozen. No wonder the “fresh” supermarket bread is so tasteless and bland. I wonder what they will be made to add to the label? Whatever it is I bet they find a way around that too.

One of the things I miss the most about living in Paris are the boulangeries (OK i’ll ¬†admit it, the patisseries too!). They are on almost every street corner and you will struggle to find one that serves bad bread – especially if you are comparing it to Tesco bread. Obviously the price difference is huge too.

When I read the article above and was delighted to hear about the Real Bread Campaign, but upon further investigation annoyed that it is only in Britain. When will people in Dublin start to appreciate real bread?