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French Riot Police on Strike…

Last month I wrote about the French Riot Police (CRS) threatening to strike because they were no longer allowed to drink on duty, today I read that 44 members of the CRS  in Massy are on strike, well sick leave as striking is illegal, due to one of their colleagues being disciplined. Normally I might offer moral support, but in this case I can’t quite believe that the CRS officer in question said what he did.

The alleged racist b*stard stopped a black TF1 reporter from accessing a press conference saying ” Since when have they had blacks working at TF1?” What’s next for them….

French riot police threaten to strike over alcohol ban

French riot police threaten to strike over alcohol ban – Telegraph

These guys are crazy enough without alcohol, but it is just not civilised to stop a Frenchman having a glass of wine with his baguette.

What is the world coming to?



France to enforce a ban on wearing the veil


As of today a new law is to be enforced in France, the law against face coverings used by Muslim women will be applicable on clothes such as Hijab, Niqab, Burka. If anyone is found wearing any of these items in public, the police will ask them to remove it, if they refuse they will be taken to a police station and fined €150 or community service.  They may also be forced to attend citizenship classes!

If the woman is being forced to wear the veil, for example by their husband or father, then the man could receive 1 year imprisonment and/or a €30,000 fine.  If someone forces a minor to wear the veil, then the jail term rises to 2 years and/or a €60,000 fine. Whilst this seems excessive, I do agree with this part of the new law but not the prescription on what you may not wear.

I don’t believe the burka, hijab or niqab are part of Islam, and given my views on religion, would rather see them disappear altogether. Yet I just don’t agree with the need to legislate against them. I have read a lot about it being a matter of security in France, which is just utter horse-shit.

If  I was still in Paris, I would have been be sorely tempted to wear one on my commute to work today. Anyway, I guess it is time to say goodbye to liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Sarkozy’s portrait removed from wedding ceremonies

Sarkozy’s portrait removed from wedding ceremonies at town hall | World news | The Guardian.

I think this is really funny. I woudn’t want him in my wedding photos either!!