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Breaking Bad in the middle…

It was inevitable really – but still great!


Breaking Bad…



and as a treat…


Committed for 40 years…


I would like to salute Dale Irby, a school sports coach from Dallas Texas, for his commitment to a joke. For forty years he wore the same outfit in the yearly high school yearbook photos.


A sports teacher, Irby usually wore athletic clothes suitable for exercise. He picked the vest and shirt combination in order to look presentable for his first yearbook photo in 1973 and accidentally repeated the outfit the following year. “I was so embarrassed when I got the school pictures back that second year and realised I had worn the very same thing as the first year,” he told the Dallas Morning News. Irby’s wife, Cathy dared him to repeat the outfit for a third year. In the spirit of one-upmanship Irby continued the joke for a further five years, after which he thought “why stop?”

Ireland’s favourite…

Interested to see the origin of Guinness’ latest product is so blatantly on show…

Plus…they look awfully like crisps to me!!!

Little Sister says hi…

It’s been confirmed. Lily’s Little Sister takes after her father and doesn’t like having a camera stuck in her face either:




Beyonce’s publicist tried to get a few photos of her on stage censored, because they weren’t too flattering.

Let me guess how that works out for them…..


Staying A’Heil

Did anyone else catch the unfortunate dance/wave/salute by a German official at the Olympic opening ceremony last night?

[FMP width="640" height="360"][/FMP]

Looks like I wasn’t alone in seeing it, but the papers managed to get a better view of it than mine recorded off the TV. Boris looks like he can’t contain himself.



Does anybody know what UNSC stands for? Well apparently the BBC news department things it stands for United Nation Security Council. They needed a log to use on a recent news article about Syria, and decided to Google it, as you do.

This is what was shown on TV:

When of course everyone knows that is the logo of the United Nations Space Command from the Halo series. They should of course have used the standard UN blue logo:

Although, maybe this is just an elaborate ruse to reveal that the UN does in fact have a Space Command!!!

Did someone mention Colombian prostitutes…

Did someone say Columbian prostitutes?

Just in case you have been living under a rock full story can be found – here.

How the Leaning Tower really looks…

pisa tourists

Have you ever seen photos of friends or relatives who just came back from holiday to Italy? Did they Visit Pisa? if so then you have probably seen a photo just like these:




















What they should show you looks a bit more like this though:


It must be Kermit night…

F*ck Kermit…

A picture is worth a 1000 words…

Tram Rage…

I couldn’t help but chuckle this morning. I got off the train and found my tram waiting for me. Result! However there was another regular passenger running for the tram doors. Picture this; a man in his late 30′s, perfectly groomed, wearing a suit and carrying a copy of the Independant and his briefcase, running madly arms flailing around. Made me chuckle anyway.

He didn’t make the tram as the doors closed a second before he arrived. He had a tantrum that Lily would have been proud of. Kicking and punching the door and shouting words at the driver that I hope Lily doesn’t know yet!

Funniest of all I spotted the next tram arrival sign as we pulled out – 3 minutes!!

What is the perfect drink after a hard workout session…

Imagine the scene, you have just spent the past hour in the gym, pumping iron. Or maybe a punishing session on the bike or rowing machine. You are thirsty and need to rehydrate. What is your drink of choice?

If you are thinking about Lucozade Sport, or Powerade or even Gatorade you would be wrong and pobably have no idea how wrong you are. What you should be reaching for after a hard workout is BEER!!! Yes you heard me right – Beer.









Now comes the science bit (from the Erdinger website):

With its isotonic effect, ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic is particularly well suited to regenerating the body after sport, as it quickly replaces the liquids and minerals the body has lost.

How brilliant is that. They even give it out at the finish lines of triathlons in Germany. Luckily for you and me though, it is available to buy in the pub, and if the alkohol frei version is so good for you, imagine how good the “full fat” version is, or maybe even a nice stout. There supposed to be good for you too aren’t they!!

Feck off rain…


In what other country could you get away with an advert like this?

And yes, before you ask it is raining this morning!

BBC News – Pensioner in Georgia cuts Armenia off from internet

BBC News – Pensioner in Georgia cuts Armenia off from internet

This is brilliant. I wonder how much she managed to dig up.

Best April Fools Jokes 2011

So yesterday was April Fools Day and there were some great pranks and jokes this year. I heard my favourite on Newstalk radio on the way to work. They announced that in order to commemorate the upcoming visit of Queen Elizabeth, An Post were going to create a special 55c stamp with the Queen’s Head on it. I am sure you can imagine the republican reaction!

Here are some of the best of the rest:

Ikea Hundstol

Gmail Motion

WestJet Helium 737

The Aurors – Harry Potter Spin-Off

Twin Baby Talk


I thought this was very funny. I wonder what they are actually talking about? Where is his missing sock, maybe it’s in the freezer!

Football, All Day, Every Day

I am probably a bit late with this, but I think it sums up Sky Sports perfectly.