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Bad Santa…

Bad Santa

Naughty Santa – think of the children!!!

I was there first…

I thought I had heard everything, but I was very wrong. We were in the car park of the local shopping centre, looking for a parking spot so we could take Lily to a bouncy castle amusement (for children  maybe, hell for adults!) centre.

After driving down a few aisles,  the car in front of me indicated right and moved into an empty spot. Then joy upon joys, I see a free spot on the left, indicate and maneuver into the spot. Success!

The car behind started the toot their horn and flash their lights, i get out of the car to see what is going on, to find two red-faced women screaming at me to get out of their spot! Apparently they had seen it was free from the next aisle, put their foot down and came around the corner to find us pulling into it. But it was definitely theirs as they had indicated first!!!

They were very confused when I just started to laugh and then drove off in quite a huff!


Out of the mouths of children…

Peter: Lily, shall we go to the shop?
Lily: Yes, let’s go to Marks Expensive!

Modern Politics…

Just stumbled across this excellent representation on modern party politics.

Politician: “I agree with what the Prime Minister said”

Journalist: “But you don’t yet know what she said?”

Politician: “Yeah, but I’m sure she’s right”

In 2032 a crack commando unit was sent…