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New iPhone – click it, lick it…


As everyone knows by now Apple have brought out 2 new phones this week. Every time they bring a new phone out, someone hits the street with a camera and the old model to fool unsuspecting (stupid) passers by into believing they are getting a first look at the new phone, for example here’s the same post here this time last year.


So this video is almost not worth posting, except that instead of demonstrating a phone, they use an iPad mini and for one particularly “delicious” moment 2:30 seconds in. Derren Brown would be impressed with this girls suggestibility.



Introducing the new iPhone…

iPhone users location tracked by Big Brother

I can’t think of a reason why I would want to track the movements of people at work, but it looks like Apple have made it very easy to do if I wanted to.

I bet the internet will be full of fanboys from both Apple and Android all day long  now!