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It is a bank holiday weekend. Decorating was off the agenda as the roof leaked this week in a once in a hundred year storm. No painting until we are sure it won’t leak again.

So, what to do then?? Well after 6 years of living in Dublin, we decided to visit Dublinia. Frankly it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been. It felt a little too much like a visit to a church for one thing, half of the interactive commentaries didn’t work and the man at the till was rude. Or perhaps my standards are too high – more on that another time.

Anyway, photos at the end of Ireland and Lily at 1 year if you are interested. Here is my favourite:

A couple of Lily videos also currently being uploaded to Lily Tube

Dublin Time Lapse Video

I found this fantastic time lapse video of Dublin. It is great quality. I must work out how to do this now. He even managed to make Dublin look clean!

Dublin Time Lapse 2011 from Richard Twomey .

Feck off rain…


In what other country could you get away with an advert like this?

And yes, before you ask it is raining this morning!