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Phone Update – Final!!

So i finally have my phone back. The screen had to be replaced.

Only 5 hours of reinstalling apps etc!

Phone Update 5

Was told yesterday that my phone was fixed and ready to collect. Excellent news, no?

Of course O2 conspired to ruin the excitement. I arrived at the O2 store to pick up my shiny new phone, because I tell myself it is shiny and new and not just botched together and renovated, anyway to cut a long story short, they hadn’t yet received the phone back from the menders after all. Could I maybe pop back in on Monday? We should hopefully have it back by then!!!!


Phone Update 4

I have been without my pocket friend for 17 days now and the website where it reports the status of the repair has been stuck on inspection for over a week. I thought it was time enough to drop the English reserve and get on to my supplier with a wee rocket.

Good news! My phone is fixed and should be back with me later in the week!!

Phone Update – 3

My phone has now been in for repair for the last 7 days. I was told when I reported the problem that it would need to go back to the manufacturer, but this morning I got a text message to tell me that after being checked by a service engineer, it was determined that it would need to be returned to the manufacturer. What have they been doing for the past 7 days!!

No Phone – Update

I have an update to my phone problem. I contacted the supplier to find out what I can do to get it repair or replaced.

He was very surprised to hear that I was having problems,  and started to tell me the story of the only other person who had bought a Galaxy S from them to have a problem. What he didn’t realise that he was telling me a story about myself!! The first phone I got wouldn’t switch on/off so I had to get it replaced.

It seems that I am either very unlucky or someone at Samsung has it in for me!!

Further Update

I am now without a phone altogether. Well to be more precise I am now without a smartphone for up to the next 15 days! No mobile internet access, no Facebook, Twitter,  no Manchester United news feed! I have an old Nokia, but what am I going to do with that? Talk to people!!

No Phone

So I have had my new phone for around a month and a bit now, and it is broken. Again!

This morning I woke up to find that my phone had run out of battery, so I put it on to charge. When I came back, it was happily charging away, but just won’t switch on!!

Nothing that has been suggested on-line has worked so it looks like I will have to send it back. I’m not having much luck with this phone, I had to return the original after just 1 day because it wouldn’t switch on, now it has happened again.