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Emily makes her passport photo…

Emily's Passport Photo

Emily's Passport Photo

Big Sister…

Big Sister


Little Sister


Sisters Together

Lily the little baby…

Lily wasn’t feeling too well today so stayed at home from school, well who likes Mondays anyway. She decided that she was going to be a little baby again and make some use of her old moses basket.

Lily’s Spring Break Photos…

It’s the long Easter weekend in Dublin, which of course means it is currently raining – a lot! So I found a little time on my hands to upload photos from Lily’s Spring Break.

Pictures like these can be found here, for those interested:


How the Leaning Tower really looks…

pisa tourists

Have you ever seen photos of friends or relatives who just came back from holiday to Italy? Did they Visit Pisa? if so then you have probably seen a photo just like these:




















What they should show you looks a bit more like this though: