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Lily the little baby…

Lily wasn’t feeling too well today so stayed at home from school, well who likes Mondays anyway. She decided that she was going to be a little baby again and make some use of her old moses basket.

Long time no speak…

I knew I hadn’t posted for a while, but didn’t realise it was so long. Of course Kat also didn’t post, so no updates for a few weeks, sorry!

So what has happened in the past few weeks that we haven’t shared? I left my job and started a new one, yay! Kat started her new job, yes she is no longer scrounging off my paycheck and can now afford to treat me to the finer things in life, like normal wine instead of Tesco’s value wine (only joking!). Lily has started walking and can now get everywhere.

Lily Walking

Lily still manages to pick up every tropical disease going at school and brings them home. Somehow I have no immunity to any of them either and manage to catch them all. I’ve had a sore throat for 3 weeks and little taste. It is weird eating things but not being able to taste them.

In the world there has been a phone “hacking” scandal, but as far as I can tell no one actually did any hacking. Rupert Murdoch died then came back to life and was pied in the face and then his wife came over all Rambo.

In Ireland it has been mostly raining and the Prime Minister decided it was politically expedient to attack the Church for covering up child abuse, which means we won’t be able to go to the Vatican bank with our begging bowl.

News closer to home is that our wedding plans are coming along nicely. Can’t give you any more details than that but in just over 13 months, the handcuffs will go on!

I will leave you with a final picture of Lily at school.